About our healing team


There are now just two of us here there used to be three but our colleague Julie had to pull out for personal reasons. Len’s the only one of us happy having his photo and personal information published on the net, except to say Sarah works as an Ayurvedic consultant and a yoga teacher training. Both of us are healers and mediums and deal with negative energy. Len Walker is a full time healer and works mainly with negative energy, cancer and emotional imbalances. Len is also the principal developer of ECR, a simple non-invasive method of neutralising negative emotion completely.
Nearly twenty years ago Len drew the interest of a very powerful non-fragment negative entity, after spontaneously and uncontrollably opening up psychically, the interaction with which ultimately nearly killed him. Luckily he found a group of the very rare people able to work safely with something like the equally rare true negative entity, and so found the help he needed.

Because of his own almost terminal experience with negative energies, ever since he himself has been gathering the psychic tools, understanding, and energetic strength necessary to interact safely with negative energies, in order to help others in the way he was helped.

One of the greatest challenges anyone faces when working with any form of energy, disincarnate or not, positive or negative, is being able to discern exactly what one is dealing with at all times. Psychic discrimination techniques allow one to do just that. Len learnt the one he relies on most at the College of Healing in the UK. This allows him to tell exactly what he is dealing with under any circumstance, using a universal law no energy however powerful can avoid. 

We work together to find and remove your ghosts and anything else that may be around, along with working with elemental energies if necessary on your behalf. Though we're all psychic, a mixture of both healer and medium, we each have slightly different talents within those broad categories, which complement each other’s. To give you a quick example: when Len walks into a building the ghosts usually try to hide by moving into another room, partly because Len does most of the removals and the ghosts know exactly what’s coming. It is quite amusing to see them scatter like children playing hide and seek, but we always know where they are, even when they are moving, though it does mean the ghosts will rarely communicate with Len but are quite happy to do so with Sarah, a balance we retain to insure we are always completely in control of all situations.

Even if because of geographic distance we cannot come to you, we can still be just as effective, literally anywhere in the world; the important aspects of our work are done in the astral, and in the astral, distance effectively doesn’t exist. If your home is in America, India or France, it makes no difference, we can help you.

If you wish to contact us, please do so through the Contact page. If you’d like to talk to one of us about your situation, please say so and you will receive our phone and Skype numbers by email. We are always happy to discuss your needs, give you more information, and help allay any fears you may have. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

With love and light,

Len, and Sarah.