A Message from Len.

I have created a new and much more comprehensive website to replace this one, all the information on this site is included on the new one, and a whole lot more.

Please click on the link to view my new site.


If you've just come back to refresh your memory regarding something you've already read on this site, you can still do that, I'd left most of the pages live for this reason.

We, Len, and Sarah, are not Paranormal Investigators, since for us there’s nothing to investigate, we know Ghosts and negative energy entities exist. In the past others have described us as Ghosthunters and Ghostbusters though that’s not the case either. We work with fragments, spirits, ghosts, poltergeists, demons, (dijnn) and all other negative entities, and remove them all. Our expertise is in finding out what’s going on and stopping it. If you think you have a ghost or something else, we will find and remove it. If you wish before removing it we will communicate with it on your behalf and pass on any information they are willing or need to give you. We are also willing to facilitate recording and photographing the Ghosts, though only if the Ghost is willing to participate. We will never coerce them into communicating.

We don’t even have to come to you, we can do it all from the comfort of our homes, but it's even more unlikely you’ll get any recordings and photos of the Ghost that way. 

Whether we come to you or not, the result is the same, we never leave a Ghost (or anything else) behind because our concern is for the trapped energy, entity, almost as much as it is for you. Would you knowingly leave a relative of yours trapped forever in a confined place, even if they were originally willing to endure because they love you?

We also have long experience of space cleansing or clearing and always do this after a removal. We are happy to help you learn to do this for yourself, click here for an easy method of cleansing both yourself and your home. Though if you’d still prefer we do it for you, we will. In fact, this is good energetic housekeeping and is useful whether you have had a ghost or not!

So how can we be so confident we can remove even the most stubborn negative energy? 

We use a unique method developed over nearly twenty years involving accurately creating what could be described as a multi geometrically shaped vibration within a boundary space, filling and surrounding the area to be cleared. This is placed from a distance twenty-four hours before we arrive, thus guaranteeing any energies (regardless of type) that are not perfectly vibrating with the physical universe, are revealed, accessible and removable when we arrive or start to work from a distance. In addition to this we also leave a permanent shaped vibration to prevent any new unwanted energies coming into your home.Simple

You can read some sample real-life healing stories involving our intervention in Natural nonhuman energies, elemental energies & devas.

There are many other ways to rid yourself of ghosts, energies, and negative entities published on the net, by all means try a few of them before contacting us, but please don’t spend too much money before you do. 


Basically all ghosts and most negative energies are fragments in the true sense, but because everyone understands the terms ghost, haunting, negative energies, and negative entities, we usually use those terms in respect to places.

However we generally talk of fragments affecting a particular person (having a ghost attached); these are in fact more common than the haunting of a place, and just like “Ghosts” most people are only aware of the more obvious ones. If you have a fragment attached to you, it's unlikely you know, though you may have felt something has been out of kilter for a long time. Most people live with them quite happily most of their lives, though there’s almost always unrecognised though discernible consequences to a person’s physical health. As for detecting fragments we can always do so. For more information click here.

Non-Fragment Negative Entities and Possessing Energies or demons are incredibly rare, and the truth is, the vast majority of people just don’t interest them very much. In the unlikely event you do have one, you will not be aware of it, even in the very earliest stages it would be unlikely you would recognise the symptoms yourself. Your family and friends will notice you are changing, though you won’t be taking any notice of them. So don’t worry about it! Though as always we are here for you and your loved ones if you or they really think this may be a possibility.

There are also other phenomena that can affect you, your home or your workspace such as natural nonhuman energies (elemental energies), and Geopathic Stress. Ghosts are very attracted to geopathic stress though more importantly, geopathic stress is disastrous to human health. In fact, we cannot emphasise enough how important the impact of geopathic stress is to your physical health. We along with many others  (including physicians) believe as much as 75% of all cases of cancer have a geopathic stress component, and that’s just the beginning of the havoc geopathic stress can cause on both the physical and emotional level. Learn about geopathic stress and you will never regret it, it may even save your life. Click here. If you are a paranormal investigator, this page may also help in your work.