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Natural nonhuman energies, elemental energies, devas

One can think of these as the localised guiding intelligence behind areas of land and individual plants.

On a number of occasions when our team of healers have been called to remove fragments (ghosts) and either not found any or there has also been something else going on after the ghosts have been removed, it's turned out to be the intelligence of the local area, elemental energies, the Deva.

On one occasion we found ghosts, geopathic stress and Devic activity all at the same time. The unfortunate owners of the property were at their wit's end, their health was deteriorating, their personalities were changing, after thirty years of happy married life they now fought all the time. After moving in, all their friends and all but one close relative began to refuse to come to the house any longer. They had endless squabbles with their neighbours starting before they’d even unpacked, and their attempts at reselling the property met with failure. No plants would grow in the house, even cut flowers died in a day. The geopathic stress lines crossed over their bed and other lines crossed in a room used as an office for the man’s business, which was failing. With so many geopathic stress lines dissecting the house, no room was left entirely untouched. 

The person who suggested they contact us had suspected a GS component and also suggested they contact Dulwich Health and have the house checked for geopathic stress. This was done and a Raditech GS neutraliser arrived a few days before we did. The first night it was installed temporarily, using plastic tape to hold it upright against a filing cabinet in the office. In the morning they found it ripped from the cabinet, unplugged and lying in the hall a few feet from the office door. It seemed the ghosts didn’t take kindly to having the GS neutralised!

We arrived to find them terrified, and started identifying and communicating with the ghosts, some of them shouting obscenities at us. When this was reported to the woman of the house, she told us these were exactly the things her husband had started saying to her some months before. We gathered the ghosts up and removed them. Afterward as we sat in their lounge checking everything was done, something else started to communicate from outside of the house, though we couldn’t see it from the room. Not having been in the rear garden, we were told by the communicating energy that there was a very old oak tree being choked to death by ivy. Our invisible contact was very upset that the oak was dying needlessly. The owners of the house confirmed there was indeed a large ivy-covered oak. At the request of the "energy", they agreed to remove the ivy and plant four more oaks, one on each corner of the property. As soon as the agreement was made, the atmosphere in the house changed, by the time we left, the home felt completely different. A few weeks later we received a thank you card saying everything was now normal in the household and the owners were getting on with life.

In another location we found no ghosts or geopathic stress at all, though again we were contacted by an elemental energy. The owners of the house had been trying to sell it for two years; they hadn’t even had a single viewing from a prospective buyer even though the house was competitively priced and other houses in the same road had sold without problem. Finding nothing but a strange atmosphere we asked for a piece of string and a small object to make a pendulum. The owners brought out a plumb line with weight and as we stood discussing the overall problem, one of us had the plumb line dangling from their fingers, with the weight almost touching the ground. Suddenly someone noticed the line, far from hanging vertically, was hanging at a thirty degree angle away from his leg, which caused a great deal of consternation to the owners. As we had already checked for ghosts and poltergeists we knew that wasn’t the answer, so we changed the vibration we were using to investigate the house to one more suited to communicating with elemental energies... Again a deal was struck between the owners and the Deva. The owners welcomed their first prospective buyer the next week and the sale was agreed shortly after that. We tried to contact them a few months later by phone, but reached the new owners who told us they had left without even leaving a forwarding address for mail. Judging by their reaction to both the plumb weight incident and having to deal with a Deva, something totally out of their normal range of expectation and belief system, we suspect they just wanted to get as far away from the place as quickly as possible and forget the whole incident!

Another particularly interesting case we dealt with was a house that had a former plague path running through it. When we arrived, initially we could find nothing at all, though the family were certain something very strange and disturbing was going on causing them to behave negatively toward each other. As we checked once more a wave of energy moved through the house, coming in from one corner traveling diagonally across the house and out of the other corner. A few minutes later a similar though slightly weaker one followed, then a strong wave. As we became accustomed to the waves, we started to be able to glean information as it passed around us and through the house, and after some time we felt confident we knew what it was though we’d never heard of it before. It was a large number of ghosts passing along the same route, some in large groups, some in small, carrying huge fear and grief for loved ones. 

From the windows we could see other houses front and back directly in line with the direction of travel of the waves of energy. We asked the householders if they knew the people in both of those houses. They didn’t but said they could hear terrible fights going on in both and that everyone in the area shunned both families. This confirmed our view that the line traveled to and from the house for some distance in both directions. It was obvious we could not remove all the energies from the line, so we decided to lift the line and build a kind of energetic flyover forcing the energies to flow over the houses and no longer through them, and the waves stopped immediately. We heard later not only had everything returned to normal in the house we were called to, but the arguments also stopped in the other two houses.

Usually we’d leave it at that, however in this case we did some further research on the area around the house. We found it was built on a well-trodden ancient path that led to the local church which could only be reached across a ford. Along the way there was a holy stone named the Weeping Cross where people stopped to rest as they carried their dead to the local church. For centuries many people had passed along this route where this new council estate had been built.