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The following is a growing selection of testimonials from the numerous people I/we have worked for in the past 20 years. You can read more "real-life stories" involving our intervention as a healing team in Natural Nonhuman Energies, Elemental Energies, Devas and of course in About Us.

This is a section of the website we have rather neglected so far, however we recently received an e-mail, in it they mentioned they  contacted us after reading one of the testimonials below, so from now on whenever we help someone we will ask them to write up their experience, rather than simply hope they do so without being asked.

Testimonial 1: Astral analysis

John Herbert Smith* writes on October 11, 2009:

Hi Len, Sarah and Julie,

after hearing about you through a friend, I asked you in October 2008 (being somewhat of a skeptic, I rather saw it as a "scientific experiment") to see if you could correctly determine my physical and possibly emotional condition by finding and "diagnosing" me in the astral. All you requested to know in advance was my full name and general location (Paris*). I also told you that I have a slight scoliosis which I am eager to heal. No further details (picture, age, address etc. ) were requested or provided.

This is what you, Len, replied to my friend:

"We had a look at John last night; first we looked at his scoliosis, it appears the twist is from left to right and forward, his left shoulder being slightly higher than the right, as is the hip very slightly, not sure but this may have been because of the way he crawled as a child, has his family ever mentioned he shuffled on his bottom a lot? Also we perceived him cringing away from something emotionally a lot as a child. Something odd is going on in his left leg, perhaps a tingling sensation. He has tension in his hips and chest and a weak or incorrectly functioning diaphragm possibly leading to breathing problems. If this is correct, the best plan of action would be to go to Yoga classes on a regular basis, even if we are completely wrong about everything Yoga would help his posture and the strain put on his body by the scoliosis."
[Additionally, all three of you came back with exactly the same information on me.]

As far as I am able to ascertain, this is perfectly correct! My left shoulder IS higher, the twist does go slightly left then right, I do occasionally have numbness in my left leg (thigh), I used to have asthma when sleeping on feather pillows (and possibly still have, but I have been avoiding these pillows and continue to sleep with my head raised high), and I do grapple with some deep emotional issue from my early childhood...

Thank you, this is extremely impressive and shows how easy it is for you to work in the astral, determining a perfect stranger's condition very accurately from a distance just knowing his name and rough location (Paris is big after all!).

Testimonial 2

I write this acknowledgement with deep appreciation to Len Walker and the crew he works with...  They took their time and listened to all the things that have been intruding on my life, which had been taking me away from my mission here and had brought me much sadness.  I've experienced so much sadness from trying to help too many folks and forgetting about me.  I found when you do this - you put on weight to carry the extra load and emotional baggage - I had put on 50 lbs in 2 years.  I wrote about relationship problems, family problems and some of the escape methods I had started practicing to relieve the pressures I was faced with.  I knew these methods that I had begun to get acquinted with, would either have me addicted to them or could hurt my body over time.  I needed help and much healing...  Not only for me but for the folks I care for...
After writing to Len explaining my position, he immediately took an interest and wrote to me ensuring that he would do his best for me.  I didn't hear back for approximately 2 weeks and thought he must have forgotten me but then the message came, (he had been on vacation) I was astounded by what it told me...
They had worked on me the night before...  I never once even worried about  the physical pain, just my emotional pains when I talked with Len....  Once the emotional pain was gone - I figured the physical would follow...
In Len's note to me after the healing, he told me of a fragment he found on my right foot which ran up my leg into my hip area and then into my reproductive organs - I was amazed!  How could he have known that I had been experiencing much pain in that area?  I went the Doctor's but they dismissed it all and didn't find anything with an ultrasound.  Len and his crew had worked on this area and had gotten a fragment off and since there hasn't been any pain???  It's complely gone...
He then told me of a football sized shaped mass he had found in my chest area - he thought it resembled a broken heart.  Which again - I never really thought about that but I had experienced great loss in this lifetime...  Ones that changed me forever and took away my innocense...  There had been so much sadness that drink and medication just couldn't take it away anymore...   I wasn't medicating too much but the fact that I was, was a problem. Len took off the mass and then called in the Angels to help...  Arch Angel Raphael asked to stay with me until I don't need him anymore to help me and to show me love again...  I can feel his presence all around me...and he touches my face at times...
I know that with all this love and healing - my life will definately be so much better!  My physical body is feeling wonderful and my spirits and vibrations are humming to a new beat!  And the Angels are with me...
Thank you so much Len and crew for all the love you showed me...  I can never thank you enough...
Blessings to you..

*Names and locations changed for reasons of privacy.